Anonymous: do you have any Ariana rares? and if you do will u please post them

I do (: I have a lot of really cute ones too! I love the photos she takes with fans and I have a ton!


Come Back Coming Soon!

We Have More Rares and 99% are fully organized!! 

These are still not all of the celebs we have rares of but the names list will be updated a lot! 

Please send us a message requesting one of the celebs listed here or one of the ones listed in the tags below :)

& Please if you have a friend who Loves one of the celebs listed below, recommend them to my blog :) 

Anonymous: demi rares! demi rares! demi rares! :D pleaseeeee :)

I’ve gotten a lot more (:

Anonymous: Do you know why Selena went to rehab

Yes I do, but I won’t disclose why

carlyrarejepsen: Honestly I don't really care about you posting Justin dates anymore or not it's not hurting mine or anyone's feelings lol?? I just don't see the problem in posting something and giving someone credit instead of reblogging. Sorry you're not getting the notes/followers you want I guess haha

Sorry to break your ego you got going on here hunny, but me not posting stuff is my own personal option. I have stuff going on in my personal life that is more important than running a blog. But obviously it does bother you if you took the time to write me a message. I find that it takes longer to repost something, but what pisses me off is that one of your blogs is actually set as the source giving that person the actually click through credit source. Before I start this blog back up I’m organizing every rare I have in celeb folders. I’m getting more and more rares with everyday this blog stays up, I HOPEFULLY should be started up at the end of the week for all of you who want me back & have been wondering where I’m at xx (:

Anonymous: Post some justin ones or maybe jelena

I don’t really have Jelena rares anymore, they’ve all been leaked

lovatolovato: You should change your bio "Just your average rare site" To" just your average Beyoncé "

My favorite message anyone has ever sent me

Anonymous: Any zac efron rares?

Yes, but mostly selfies with fans

Anonymous: pls could u post some ariana grande and camila cabello rares???

I just got a bunch of Ariana rares & I have some Camila so I will be posting a lot soon!

Anonymous: Are you gonna post anymore Of Demi's pictures, or are you done with her leaked pictures?

I’ll be posting more lol